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Charlottesville, VA




March 2020

Under the brilliant conductorship of

Mrs. Finnegan,

the Albemarle Orchestras are an open home for vivid expression and a passion in music.

I feel inspired every class as we strive for the best, supporting each other like family. My heart melts at every performance when

I see how the dedication to our music brings about smiles to everyone listening. It’s a privilege to be part

of something truly special.

- Rishi, 12th grade

District Orchestra Assessment


String Ensemble - Arts Festival Performance

March 29, 4-6pm @ Stonefield

Junior Regional Orchestra
Postponed until further notice

Sight Reading Practice:

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Need rosin? New strings? Lindsey Stirling violin play-along volume 35? Shar has it all:


Listen to our pieces online.

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it's for string orchestra: 


The Kronos Quartet is working with a diverse selection of 50 living composers for an educational initiative called 50 for the Future. They are releasing sheet music and recordings over time. Check out this link to read and watch videos about these composers and listen to their music.