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Charlottesville, VA

As a proud musician of the Jack Jouett Orchestra I personally know how close we all are. Encouraging each other and pushing ourselves to do our best is part of our daily routine, besides playing of course. We play a variety of pieces such as romance, classical, and hip-hop, all picked by our truly amazing conductor Mrs. Finnegan! Mrs. Finnegan does an incredible job of making sure students are learning to the best of their ability and is very caring, friendly, funny, and dependable. She is very understanding and works hard to make the class fun and exciting.

 - Eva, 8th grade

Welcome, Jouett Orchestras!

Need rosin? New strings? Lindsey Stirling violin play-along volume 35?

Shar has it all:


Listen to your concert pieces online and play along. Type the full name in the search box and make sure you find the string orchestra version: 


I love being in orchestra because playing the viola is my passion. I love being there so much because the teachers are nice, funny, helpful, and motivating. The thing is, I was scared last year when I was first at Jouett because I didn't know anything about the instruments, but I got used to it and it has resulted in who I am today and my talent for playing viola. I don't give up as often as I used to so that's what has kept me going. Joining orchestra was the greatest decision.

- Charles, 7th grade

District Orchestra Assessment


Junior Regional Orchestra

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